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Ravenstone Primary School


All lessons are taught around the layers of learning that are necessary in order for children to demonstrate a deep understanding of the maths they are taught.

Each lesson has 3 tasks that progress through these layers of learning and they are as follows:

  • Task 1: Factual and Procedural - Can the child answer the question in its most simple for. Are they setting their work out accurately and efficiently?
  • Task 2: Conceptual - Can the children demonstrate an understanding of the concept when it is presented differently? An example of this is missing number problems.
  • Task 3: Language and communication - Can the child explain their thinking when asked to reason around a concept?

If a child completes all 3 tasks, and we would expect some of our more able children to do so, the teacher will then have a Mastery challenge ready for the child to demonstrate deep mathematical thinking.

The tasks are brief and very carefully planned to ensure clear progression and that children are not spending too long on the lower level factual and procedural tasks. Also key to this approach is skilled questioning throughout lessons and, as teachers, we are working on improving our questioning so that we can meet the needs of all our pupils in a mixed ability classroom.

Our Curriculum Handbook, which is provided to all staff, can be downloaded HERE.

The method

We are developing our maths teaching alongside some leading schools in the South West London Maths Hub.

This should enable us to meet the National Curriculum objective of moving children through the curriculum at 'broadly the same pace'. As we are still in the early stages of this development there may of course be some teething problems along the way as we work out the best ways to both support and challenge through the 3 tasks that we set in each lesson. 


Here you will find a few useful documents to keep you up to date with the maths curriculum. These documents include:

  • Yearly overviews for each year group with the key skills to be taught each term.
  • Our calculation policy outlining the expected mental and written methods of calculation from years 1-6.
  • Progression maps for each of the key areas of maths from years 1-6
  • A document containing the key objectives for each year group from years1-6.

Long term plans

South west maths hub 

Mr Westland (our Lead teaher for maths) is a mastery specalist for the south west maths hub and supports school across London to develop their maths curriculum. 

Further information around Mr Westlands work, maths mastery and the basis of Ravenstone's maths curriculum can be found on their website.