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Ravenstone Primary School

Reception Weekly Review

Week ending 14.02.20

We have to say an enormous thank you to all the parents and grandparents that helped with the 'Traditional Tales' theme day. It couldn't have happened without you and was a lovely end to our topic for the children. We have now had two theme days involving food. The next one will be fresh fruit and vegetables only!!! Promise.

Last Monday two parents came and told the children the story of 'The Pied Piper' and played the oboe. It was wonderful and we now have many aspiring oboe players. Thank you very much.

Our Topic for the next half term is on growing and how to be healthy. We will be planting flowers and vegetables and learning about food choices, sleep, exercise etc.

After half term we will be introducing a new phonics and reading program. It is structured and resourced. Further information will be available when we begin.

Thank you all for the support and help this half term. The weather has been miserable but your children have been a joy. Have a lovely half term break.

Reception team



This week our maths focus work has been on the properties of 2D shapes. The children have named  shapes and explained the differences between them.


We have continued work on learning to write a simple sentence. The children had to choose their favourite traditional tale. The stories with bad wolves definitely seemed the most popular.

Please note that for this half term...,

Showing Assembly:

RD will be in the lower hall 

RFM in the middle hall (first floor). 

Our next showing assembly will be on Friday 7th February, then every other Friday

Coats: The weather is very cold and just to reassure you that we always send the children out to play with their coats on and done up. 

PE Kits:  

RFM   PE lessons will alternate between Mondays and Tuesdays. Please send your child in jogging bottoms/leggings on Mondays and Tuesdays and trainers. They are welcome to change their tops. 

RD     PE kits Wednesday (PE) but not Tuesday (Music)

Shoes: Please can we remind you that shoes/trainers with lights are not allowed. 

The Everywhere Bear:  needs to come back to school on Monday.

Home Learning Books:   (homework) are sent home on Friday and should be returned on Tuesday.

Take Home Reading Books:   need to be returned on Tuesday for RD and Wednesday for RFM.

(Please keep your child's reading book in the plastic wallets and put them in their book bags everyday).

Library Books:   need to be returned by Thursday.

Many thanks and best wishes,

The Reception Team.

Information and On-going Updates: 

Many parents at Parents Evening mentioned that they would like some guidance about how to pronounce the letter sounds/phonemes correctly and we recommended the following website, which gives a very clear example of each of the 44 in the English language! The children would also benefit from watching this to support their learning and pronunciation.


Please remember to clearly label every item of clothing your child wears to school particularly hats, scarves and gloves now the weather is colder.

Class Names
The classes will be called by different names. They will either be R for Reception and the first letter of the teachers’ surname or they will be called by the classes’ significant person.

Teacher Names Significant Person
Jack RD or Ada Class Ada Lovelace
Elaine & Isobel RFM or Kahlo Class Frida Kahlo

On the days that children need their PE kits please send them in wearing their kits with their school uniform in a bag. If you leave your child’s PE kit at school by mistake we will, of course, help them get changed, but to maximise the time the children have with the specialist teachers we would really appreciate them coming in their kit. 

Please make sure that every item of clothing that comes into school is named, so that they are less likely to get lost.

Children need to bring in a designated book bag. This is so the children can take home books to share. This should be empty except for reading books and home learning books to ensure that there is a reduced chance of books being damaged. Your child will have the opportunity to take home a different storybook from the classroom every day if they have their book bag.

Take Home Books
Take Home Books are the levelled reading books that children will be issued with. They will be collected and issued on Tuesdays (RD) and Wednesdays (RFM). If these books are damaged or lost you will be sent a letter asking for you to provide money to replace them.

Home Learning Books
These have information about what we have done during the week and some optional tasks to complete over the weekend. These books will be sent out on Friday and will be collected in on the following Tuesday.

Ravenstone Entitlement
In this week’s newsletter, you can learn about the Ravenstone Entitlement costs and opportunities, this is the money used for school to pay for our trips and internal visitors. Our first trip will be near Christmas when we are going to The Studio at Wimbledon Theatre, to keep the cost of this trip down we will be going by public transport and have only paid for staff tickets. This means that any parent willing and able to support will have to pay for their transport and ticket, but more information will come out nearer the date of the trip. The dates of the trips are (RD) Friday 13th December (RFM) 17th December.

Reception Fund
We also ask for your support in contributing £1 per week to the Reception Fund. This enables us to buy food for our class cooks and making play dough to support your children’s learning. If you can contribute this you can do this weekly (£1), half-termly (£7, £7, £6, £6, £5 & £7) or for the entire year (£38). We thank you in advance for your assistance.

Water Bottles & Snack
Thank you to the parents who have provided their child with a labelled water bottle as this helps to develop their independence. You do not need to provide your child with a snack for during the school day as we provide them with either fruit or vegetable.

Start & End of the day
Please remember to stay on the outside of the gate at the start and the end of the day. This is to support your child's developing their independence and for children’s safety. Please remember that at the start of the day our main focus is the children and we will not be able to have time to have an extended conversation.

Parent Workshops
Over the year we will be running sessions to support you when helping your child at home. These sessions will be open to everyone and can be found in the newsletter and on the website.

The best place to find out information is on the website. We update the Reception section every week and include a synopsis of the week and a preview of the week to come. All information about dates can be found on the calendar.

The children have started to attend Friday celebration assemblies and showing work they have during the week.

If there is anything that you would like to check please don't hesitate to contact your class’ teacher.