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Ravenstone Primary School


Nursery Weekly Review

Week ending 14th February 2020


This half-term has been tricky with the weather but we always get outside when we can.  This week was not exception.


The children spent a fun morning using the drain pipes to role balls from the treehouse.  There was lots of experimentation with angles and fun negotiations with who's turn it was to get the balls.


One of the most popular tables in the nursery is always the playdough table.  Each week, Bea will make the playdough from scratch with 5 children.  They help measure the ingredients, mix the dough and then cook it.  One lucky child gets to choose the colour.

The benefits of making and then using playdough are many and include:

  • Fine Motor Development - Cutting, rolling and squashing
  • Vocabulary - There is always a lot of conversation on the dough table
  • Creativity - The options are endless
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Concentration
  • Scientific Concepts - Weighing and measuring

Love is in the air

With Valentines day approaching, the children spent the week expressing their love for each other.  They wrote lots of great love letters to each other on the writing table.

They also made Valentines Day cards.  They printed the front of their cards, decorated the envelopes and wrote a message inside.  Finally, they made love heart fridge magnets which were donated by a very kind parent.  Thank you, the children loved them.


On Friday, we put out a non-Newtonian fluid, otherwise known as cornflour and water.

 The children love the peculiar qualities of the strange liquid and being allowed to get very messy. 

 Bird feeder

Finally, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Richard, a Ravenstone parent who has a passion for the outside and nature.  He spent lunchtime making bird feeders with the child.  They had a lovely time and got to appreciate that we must look after the natural world all around us.


All the best,

The Nursery Team