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Ravenstone Primary School

Year 2 Weekly review


At Ravenstone we are committed to providing an education for the children which will equip them for the future.

Weekly Review  - What a fantastic week in Year 2. We have had a fun pedestrian training session with the wonderful Georgie and we have been creating our African Batik art works which are almost finished. Well done for another fabulous week.  

Shekinah fundraiser: All childrenhave taken home a letter asking to raise money thorugh completeing chores at home. This is to raise money for the children who live in Shekinah the home in Ghana. Don’t forget to return all money raised by Wednesday 12th February so we can announce the total the next day during Africa theme day.

AOB: On Tuesdays:

2DV will have music  and 2WL will have dance.

Take home books to be changed every Thursday.

Thursday 13th February – Africa theme day

Maths – This week we worked on division of 10’s and 5’s through grouping and using mathematical language such as divisor, dividend and quotient. We used arrays and grouping in order to help us represent the work. Next week we will continue to look at division.

English –In English this week looked at a poem called The Magic Box by Kit Write. The children loved the poem and have started writing their own versions which include some fantastic expanded noun phrases. Next week we will continue to finish the poems and present them neatly.  

PSHE– This week we had a very special visitor called Georgie who took the class and taught year 2 all about road safety. The children loved it and have learnt so much!. Next week we will go back to the zones of regulation and focus on the red zone identifying the emotions and the tools we canuse to help us out of them.

As always, we hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

See you next week!

The year 2 team.

On behalf of all year 1 staff, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all kind words, cards and gifts we have received  They all mean so much, especially the feedback about happy children.

We wish you a wonderful summer and we will see you all in September.