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Ravenstone Primary School

Year 4 Weekly Review


Children fulfilling their potential in the heart of the community. 


Week ending Friday 14th February 2020  


This week we have been continuing our work on multiplication by using different methods to support our understanding. We have been multiplying 2 digit and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers with and without remainders. We used the place value grid, bar models and formal column method to help us.


We have been busy planning and writing our information report this week about 3 different endangered animals; the tiger, the kakapo and the vulture. These have made for some very interesting reading.


We had a visit on Friday afternoon from the police. The talk was very informative and taught us how to keep safe.

Week beginning Monday 24th February 2020


Our focus for our first week back will be area. We will be finding the area of different shapes and using this knowledge to help us solve a variety of problems.


We will be beginning a new text this term Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. We will begin the topic by identifying words in the first chapter that excite and hook the reader. We will then use this to build a picture of the setting in our heads based on the words and clues within the text. This will then help us draw and write our own setting descriptions.


The new spelling lists for next half term were given out to all children on Friday 14th February. These can also be found on the website under the Year 4 page.

Ravenstone Entitlement:

Please note that we have organised the following trips, internal visits and theme days for the Spring Term:

Friday 31st January 2020: Trip - Natural History Museum (Science-Living things and their habitats). As before this is now an opt OUT if you would not like your child to attend.  Please make contributions via Parent Mail.

Wednesday 11th March 2020: Internal Visit - Samba Drumming (Geography-Brazil)

Wednesday 11th March 2020: Theme Day - Brazil (Geography-Brazil)

Thank you for all your hard work this half term Year 4. We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing break!

Miss Austin and Miss Grunsell